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  • In depth understanding of the project financing process, enables the IPL team to run an efficient project appraisal process on behalf of the infrastructure lenders and facilitates in evaluating proposals. The experience of being the sole project appraisers for our associate concern IIFC(UK), empowers IPL team to assist banks, financial institutions alike in the infrastructure financing space to run a robust project appraisal process for our clients to take well informed decisions. The team also extends the services to developers seeking project finance by checking the bankability of projects using typical evaluation tools adopted by banks and advice on improving bankability of the projects.
      Financial Appraisal Services
    1. Preparation of Project Information Memorandum
    2. Project Appraisal
    3. Preparation of Financial Model
    4. Evaluating Financial Feasibility
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) structures have provided an impetus to the development of infrastructure in the country. Such structures have enabled various central ministries, state governments & local bodies in not only developing infrastructure but also in delivery of efficient services.

    The success of the PPP project hinges on the project development process involving Feasibility studies, VGF, project structuring, risk allocation & mitigation and culminating with the transaction advisory process.

    IPL team assists implementation agencies in running a transparent bidding process involving preparation of pitch books (PIM, RFQ/RFP documents), interacting with prospective investors to encourage participation and drafting contract documents in discussion with legal cell of the clients and legal experts.
  • IPL team assists Ministries & various government bodies in preparing business plans for Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV’s) formed for overseeing specific development and programs of the central/state government. The various activities performed under this services are:
    1. Formulating Vision statement for the new entity
    2. Identification of stakeholders for the entity & engaging with them to capture their needs & aspirations
    3. Formulation of business models, tactics, and strategies to help crystalize long-term competitive differentiation
    4. Preparing a Human Resource plan capturing timelines for scalability of size of team in tandem with the business growth
    5. Financial forecasting and plan for business scalability
    6. Assisting client in activities related to incorporation of new entity
    7. Handholding the client in selecting & appointing of core team who shall be entrusted to implement the vision for the new entity
  • IIFCL PROJECTS LTD sees capacity building as the process through which individuals, organizations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives over time.

    Simply put, if capacity is the means to plan and achieve, then capacity building describes the ways to those means. An essential ingredient in the IIFCL PROJECTS LTD capacity building approach is transformation. For an activity to meet the standard of capacity building as practiced and promoted by IIFCL PROJECTS LTD, it must bring about transformation that is generated and sustained over time from within.

    IPL can assist Urban Local Bodies, State Governments and various other institutions for all processes of Capacity Building such as:

    1. Capacity Building Workshops & Seminars
    2. Conferences on Infrastructure Challenges & PPP Rejuvenation
    3. Knowledge Papers & Consultation reports
    4. Policy Advocacy
  • IIFCL Projects Ltd. (IPL) a Government of India Undertaking, is a wholly owned subsidiary of India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) and government of India holds entire paid up capital and has set it up to undertake financing of infrastructure projects under Scheme for Financing Viable Infrastructure Projects (SIFTI) through a Special Purpose Vehicle called the India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited. IIFCL is under the administrative control of Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

    IPL is a project advisory company with an objective of providing end to end solution in infrastructure project financing and services viz., Project Appraisal & Financial Feasibility, Financial Modelling, Debt Syndication apart from the above, IPL is also engaged in Project Development & Structuring, Transaction Advisory & Bid Process Management services, for all kinds of infrastructure projects to Central, State & Local Government and Private Developers.

    IPL mainly caters to Financial Advisory Services for projects covered under Department of Economic Affair’s harmonized list of infrastructure sector, having deep understanding of Transportation and Logistics, Energy Power, Renewable Energy, City Gas Distribution, Ports, Urban Infrastructure, Water and Sanitation, Affordable Housing sectors.

    The major focus is on developing customised solutions to meet the specific needs of clients.

    Project Appraisal
    IPL undertakes project appraisal at the request of the borrower, investor, banks/Financial Institutions, following a professional approach and keeping in mind appraisal guidelines approved by the relevant regulatory body. IPL has extensive insight into project appraisal of infrastructure projects. Due diligence is carried out in appraisal process that consists of multiple steps to ensure the most comprehensive analysis:

    1. Assessment of promoter history and background
    2. Evaluation of the company and project business model
    3. Regulatory and Legal due diligence
    4. Analysis of financial statements and capital structure
    5. Determine major risks associated with the project
    6. Analysis of tax effects
    7. Credit and ratio analysis

    As part of the Appraisal process a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) is prepared, outlining all of the above due diligence to assess the viability and after receipt of relevant information and necessary approvals, it would take a month to finalize the PIM for circulation to the concerned lenders.

    Infrastructure Projects require large amounts of funds by way of debt and equity for timely financial closure of their projects. IPL assists these projects to achieve financial closure by providing specialized Syndication services.

    Product offering
    To provide financing solutions, IPL has a vast network of contacts and relationships with Indian and foreign banks, multilateral institutions, private equity and hedge funds, special situation funds, NBFCs, insurance companies and mutual funds. IPL syndicates deals across a variety of banking products including:

    1. Appraising and structuring of financial packages
    2. Rupee/ ECB Debt Syndication (Term Loan or bridge loans) FB and NFB
    3. Mezzanine Financing
    4. Debt Refinancing
    5. Arranging ECB other types of foreign currency funding
    6. Securitization of assets

    IPL has been associated with Appraisal/ Syndication of Greenfield & Brownfield Infrastructure projects with Capital Cost amounting to over INR 125,000 crores (US$ 16.61 Billion).

    The eligible list of infrastructure sector and sub sectors covered under our services are the sectors covered under the Updated Harmonized Master List of Infrastructure Sub-sectors published by Ministry of Finance from time to time.

    Syndication Process
    The Process of Syndication is completed in the following stages:
    1. Understanding the requirements of clients and preparing suitable financing structure
    2. Appraisal and detailed due diligence
    3. Preparation and Circulation of Information Memorandum (IM)
    4. Coordinating with lenders to ensure timely sanction of facilities
    5. Harmonizing the terms and conditions among all lenders/investors
    6. Documentation

    Advantages of IIFCL Projects Limited
    1. IPL is a Government of India Undertaking
    2. Promoted by IIFCL, a leading government owned Infrastructure Financing Company
    3. Expertise in infrastructure sector for the last one decade
    4. Provides Complete Solution from Due diligence to Financial closure to loan monitoring
    5. Strong appraisal capabilities
    6. Credibility and acceptability among lenders/investors.
    7. Well entrenched relationships with banking community for syndication
    8. Capability to harmonize needs of participants and close transaction quickly
    9. Transparent process with experience in handling large value syndications

    How To Approach
    Get a Project Appraisal and Syndication Services in easy steps.

    Contact our team:
    Mr. Paritosh Garga
    General Manager
    Phone: +91-011- 24600123

    Mr. Ashish Kumar Jain
    Deputy General Manager
    Phone: +91-011-24600124
  • Unarguably, one of the most critical needs to restart the Indian economy is infrastructure spending. It is common knowledge that lots of infrastructure investments are running dry of funds. There is dire need to look beyond traditional methods of project financing, commercial banks loans, and unlock the potential of existing assets to attract higher and better growth capital.
    IPL due to its deeper insight into the infrastructure financing sector, acts as Financial Advisor to assist project developers in accessing resources beyond traditional source by appraising, structuring and facilitating in resource mobilization through various products available in the market such as 1) Alternative Investment Fund: 2) Infrastructure Investment Trusts (“InvIT”) 3) Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”)

    IPL can assist for establishing these alternative means of financing vehicles by providing the following services:
    1. Preparation of a Detailed Business Plan/Pitch Document for each Vehicle (AIF/InVIT/ReITs): that will include a Roadmap and essential features of the AIF/InvIT/ReIT) and its suitability with respect to a detailed financing plan with options. Defining the Tenure, Potential Investor Class, Potential Sectors of Investment, Organisation Activities, & the roles to be performed in the Fund with respect to AMC & Investment Committee, Manager etc.
    2. Preparation of all documents related to the establishment of the Asset Management Company (AMC) and registration of the AMC with the registrar of companies.
    3. Preparation of all documents related to the establishment of the vehicle and registration of the vehicle with SEBI as an AIF/InvIT/ReIT for its final approval.
    4. Provide assistance with appraisal of projects and identification of revenue generating assets that can be leveraged for raising money from long term investors like Pension Funds, Private Equity Firms, HNIs etc.

IIFCL Projects Ltd. (IPL) established in February 2012 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Indian Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL), a Government of India Enterprise.

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